Saturday, 26 November 2016

Exclusive interview with pornstar Alana Cruise

Hello everyone! :) I hope you are all having a great weekend so far :) And to make it even better, here is a new exclusive interview!! And I'm really happy, because once again it's a pornstar that I propose you to get to know a bit better!! :) And what's better than a hot, sexy and naughty girl from New Jersey, I named Alana Cruise aka Savannah Fyre!! Alana is a MILF, Yes but her body is close to perfection, and her angel face and naughty eyes will be the heaven where you will lose yourself :) But behind her pretty face, Alana also has her naughty side ;) She is a natural exhibitionist with a high sex drive and love s anal and giving blowjobs! I told you, she is the perfect lady, she got the body and the mind to be your dreams :) But let's stop talking, I will let you discover Alana with her very interesting answers, and you won't regret it I think ;) If you don't know her yet, you should really take a look to her Twitter account, her scenes and start to watch her! She is without a doubt one the hottest MILF in the Adult industry, and she is not fake!! I can promise you will love her! ;) I really hope you will enjoy the interview! And feel free to comment because Alana will probably take a look ;)

Alana on Twitter : @alanacruisexxx
Alana on Manyvids : HERE
Alana's Wishlist : HERE

First of all, can you talk a bit about you? How old are you, where do you come from... etc...
I'm a 35 years old girl from New Jersey. I started webcam in 2011, and then porn in 2014.

How did you gravitate towards being a porn actress?
I liked camming and I'm a natural exhibitionist, with a high sex drive.

What did you do before entering the world of sex? I know you have a really unique story to tell here ;)
Indeed. I was an Air Force medic and I also taught medical assisting before starting porn.

What is your ideal first date?
Something simple like the beach, coffee or dinner where you can talk.  

When and where did you have your first orgasm?
No idea. I've been masturbating since as long as I can remember, like 4/5 years old. I used to rub on blankets or pillows to get off. 

What is/are your favorite position(s)?
Depends on my mood and the person. Usually doggy feels best but I like to mix it up. 

When and where did you lose your virginity? Did you enjoy it?
I was 18 and it was at my boyfriend's house. It hurt a bit at first then I thought it felt really good. It only lasted a few minutes though.

When and where did you lose your anal virginity? Did you enjoy it?
Only a few years ago because I tried a few times but never could do it. I was drunk with my boyfriend and it slipped in and I decided to try it. I loved it. It's still hard to do without preparing though. 

Favorite color: Blue 
Romantic status: Give me all the sex
Favorite bands: I like 90s hip hop, bob Marley, and all kinds of music 
Favorite book: Sex at dawn 
Favorite movie: Love 80s John Hughes movies, scary movies, also anything with Adam Sandler or Seth Rogan usually 
Favorite TV show: Don't watch much tv but I like watching old shows on Netflix usually OITNB, weeds, or friends. 

What do you like to do in your spare time? Do you have any hobbies?
I love the beach, dancing, movies, music and roller coasters. 

What part of your body do you consider your best?
My legs.

I hate/like/love receiving cunnilingus... I like it, ok, but I prefer sex.
I hate/like/love anal sex... Love anal.
I hate/like/love giving blowjob... Love giving blow jobs.

Are you a swallower?
If I know the person and their status, yes!

What do you like sexually? What gets Alana wet?
I like dominant men. Hair pulling, face slapping, spanking, choking, etc...

How did you come up with your stage name?
I like the name Alana and played with last names until I found one that worked . 

Are you bisexual? And if yes, what kind of woman do you like?
Yes I'm bisexual. I like feminine women, petite and down to earth, medium to large boobs and a nice butt!!!

When was your first time with a girl? Did you enjoy it ?
I was 30 at a swingers club. She was dancing and  yes she was very hot. We had a lot of fun!

Do you like girls more or guys? If yes, why?
I like guys more. I'm just predominantly straight. I love girls but I'm more into guys.

Have you ever fucked a stranger? And if yes, can we have some details... ;)
Lol is this real? I do it every day in porn!! I have had one night stands, and tinder hook ups, yes. One is on my many vids site. I hook up with 3 guys :) You'll have to buy the video and see by yourself! ;)

Did you watch porn before you start being a porn actress? And if yes, what were your favourites?
I didn't watch much porn. As a child I snuck playboy magazines then in the last few years I started watching more porn. 

What kind of men do you like? What do you look for in a guy?
I like confident men, down to earth and honesty are important! Smart men are also VERY sexy to me!!!!!

Can you describe your ultimate sexual fantasy?
Gang bang. I haven't done it yet!

Which one of your scenes would you recommend your new fans to watch first?
Check out my many vids with Aaron Wilcox or evil angel drill her ass.

How often do you masturbate? What's your favourite method?
Daily. I use glass gspot dildos or the hitachi or a combo of both. 

Do you have any tips for guys and/or girls to give the best time to their sexual partners? ;)
Yes. COMMUNICATION! Everyone is different with different bodies, preferences, and desires. Also guys, don't ram your dick down a girls throat unless you want to get puked on.

And to finish, how can your fans keep in touch with you?
Twitter: @alanacruisexxx bookings @nexxtlevel

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